What our parents have to say:

"Our family loves the Music Together® program! We have so much fun not only in the class, but at home and in the car singing our favorite songs! We are hooked!!"  

~Victoria Brown 


"I can't say enough good things about Music Together, Arts from the Heart, or Jane Roets!! Wonderful international program, great little homegrown local business, and AMAZING teacher and human being. My family has been making music together under Jane's guidance for 10 years -- my older kids are excelling at piano and dance thanks to the passion for music that this program and Jane fostered in them. And they love making music with their little sister, who walks around singing and dancing all day. This program creates an everyday space for music and quality family time -- this is the BEST family activity that you can choose to participate in with your little one(s). Plus you get to have Jane in your lives, which has value beyond compare!! The world need more loving compassionate people in our children's lives, you shouldn't pass up the opportunity when it presents itself!"

~ Shelley Wurst 


"Music is SO good for little developing brains. There are plenty of studies to back that up. But it's also fun! MT is a really well rounded program that introduces the kids (and maybe the parents too) to a wide variety of music, not just the same old simple melodies that we think of when thinking kids' music. Jane is a wonderful teacher and person--warm, fun and caring. She is great at cluing the parents in to what our children are doing musically and strikes a really nice balance between letting kids be kids and keeping them safe and engaged in class. We started when my son was a baby and haven't stopped yet--he's 4 1/2. We're looking forward to the big kids class next year."

~Jen Klee

"Our family first started taking Music Together classes with Jane in 2010. My son was 11 months old. We have since taken 6 sessions, and have loved each one. The exposure to this class and these songs has really stuck with him. Now almost 4 years old, he still often requests "Miss Jane's music" in the car. We have been on a hiatus for several sessions, but are returning this winter for the Drums class. My first son is beyond excited...especially since this time, he has a little brother to share the joy of music with!"

 ~Cailyn Freeman

"I'm also glad to see Tolland County Music Together thriving and growing. We had such a great experience with it. My son (7 years) still plays the music and remembers all the lyrics!"

"As a parent, I know I'm not going to do everything "right", but I'm very proud that I've given my boys the gift of making their own music."

"Last night at dinner, we were singing "Ram Sam Sam." Gino decided to change the words to "A Buzz Lightyear, a Buzz Lightyear." Aidan immediately took over and sang "Woody, Woody, Woody, Woody, Woody, Buzz Lightyear." (I added "A Jesse, a Jesse") This is HUGE for Aidan! We were amazed that he was able to do this without prompting from us. He has become such a musical child!"
~Danielle and Gino Gaucher

"I wanted to tell you how musical both Ella and Audrey have become. I truly believe that Music Together gave them a wonderful foundation and love of music. They sing everywhere: in the car, in the family room, in their room, on the deck as a stage, in school, into the play microphone, the list goes on . . .
Ella is now taking piano lessons and doing very well. Her teacher was amazed how quickly she has picked it up. My brother recently went with us on a two hour car ride. He could not believe how well Audrey (age 4) sings along to the radio. She knows every word (or at least her version) to just about every song. Her pitch and melodies are perfect, it really is incredible. So just wanted to thank you for helping the music grow in all of us!!!"
~Debbie Manning

"There is nothing better in our week then being able to come, sing, be silly, and fully embrace ourselves without restraint while being surrounded by wonderful parents/caregivers and children."

Emma Dragon