Individual Mini-Music Class!


When you purchase a Mini-Music Class, you and your family will be treated to a personalized online music class just for you to view!  You can choose up to three Music Together® songs to be included with the Hello Song and the Goodbye Song to complete your "Adventure". 

You have two options for your Adventure:  $15 for a pre-recorded event or $25 for a live Zoom event


All proceeds will go to benefit the family of Steve Wandzy, who passed away suddenly this past summer.  Steve was the husband of our beloved teacher Bri Stronk and the father of their daughter Iris. 

Thank you for your support of them!


  Now offering individual Mini-Music Classes online for you and your child! more...
Please choose $15 for a pre-recorded adventure or $25 for a Zoom Adventure:*
$ 25.00