I can't believe it's been almost a year since I last posted an entry here!  I was inspired to begin blogging here again after attending the 2012 Music Together® Annual Conference in Princeton, NJ this past weekend.

What an amazing time!  Getting together with colleagues from around the world reminds me how very important and joyful the work I do really is.  Some things I learned this weekend...

1)  Music soothes and energizes me!  The last two years since I attended the 2010 Conference have been full of ups and downs, but no matter what, music has been present.  Music is one of the things my children share with me ~ even my soon to be 19 year old son frequently sends me links to songs or artists he thinks I might enjoy.  I love this connection to him!

2)  No matter where you live, music and the arts are almost always under attack by people in control of the money.  Schools regularly have to deal with budget cuts and what often suffers are music programs despite the fact that research shows over and over that Music Learning Supports All Learning®.  Despite these assaults on the arts, there are glimmers of hope!  This video of what they are doing in Elkhart County, Indiana is one example of the possibilities when people who care about children and music and people with the purse strings can get together!

3)  Music Together, LLC's commitment to sharing music making with all children is as strong as ever!  In addition to the In-School Department that oversees Music Together Preschools, there are staff dedicated to Music Together Outreach and Music Together in Therapy.  Both the Big Kids (ages 5-7) and the Babies (infants under 8 months) programs have been refined to better target those special age groups while the Mixed Ages curriculum remains as rich and dynamic as it has always been.

4)  After 11 years of teaching, I thought that maybe I was ready to move on in another direction with my life, but at least for now, I'm reinvigorated, re-inspired, recharged, and ready to continue sharing The Joy of Family Music®!


Thanks for sharing the love with me...