Hello Everybody ~ So glad to see you!

I've been hibernating since my last blog post in December; when so much is percolating in your head and heart, it's hard to get it down on paper or the keyboard!  

Much of the winter I've been mulling about what direction I want my work to take as I prepare to begin my 10th year of sharing Music Together®.  For a long time, I've had this idea that I have to grow and expand and offer different programs and develop a whole big buffet of EVERTHING.  The more I tried to figure it all out, the more tired I got and the less I felt good about what I was doing.  hmmmmm..... what to do?

 In January, along comes a phone call from Mike, the owner of Kiddy Korner Mercantile, LLC.  "I'm creating an event room and was wondering if you'd like to offer some classes there?"  

After much conversation and thought, I realized that Mike was offering me the opportunity to be a part of the kind of community I had been wanting to create!  He has a lovely space designed for young children, with plans to offer all sorts of classes and programs in this new community space. 

I made the surprisingly easy decision to re-focus my dedication to early childhood music and to let the thoughts of business growth and afterschool programs etc... drift away.   If opportunities cross my path in the future I will explore them, but being able to do what I do best in a space that eliminates the running around and furniture moving (as well as reducing the driving!) that I've spent the last 9 years doing, is really EXCITING!

 I am excited to look forward to the next year when I will teach as many Parent/Child classes as I can fill in Ellington, continue teaching Music Together Preschool at three lovely schools in Tolland, CT and support Rebecca, Laurel and Pat as they explore new ways to share Music Together. 

I will pass along information as things develop, but suffice it to say, Music Together will continue to spread throughout the area as they begin their own adventures as business owner/teachers!

 I'm energized and ready to dive into a summer of music making fun in Ellington ~ I'd love for you to join me!